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Subscription Plans

Let your memories last longer

Arlo service plans are designed to put the control in your hands so you can let your video memories last longer. How long each video is stored and how many cameras you can connect depend on which plan you subscribe to.

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Plan Options

Arlo cameras record video to the cloud every time motion or activity is detected. How long these recordings are retained in the cloud is determined by your service plan selection.

  • Basic

    • 7 Days of Cloud Recordings

      (Up to 1GB Cloud storage)

    • Up to 5 cameras
    • Limited Support for 3 Months


  • Premier

    • 30 Days of Cloud Recordings

      (Up to 10GB Cloud storage)

    • Up to 10 cameras
    • Unlimited Support

    Monthly NZD 13.99

    Annual NZD 139
    ($29 Savings)

  • Elite

    • 60 Days of Cloud Recordings

      (Up to 100GB Cloud storage)

    • Up to 15 cameras
    • Unlimited Support

    Monthly at NZD 19.99

    Annual at NZD 199
    ($41 Savings)

Optional 24/7 CVR

Basic, Premier, and Elite plans allow Arlo cameras to record only when motion or activity is detected. However, if you have an Arlo Q camera, you can now record 24/7 non-stop to the cloud by selecting a CVR plan to the camera

14 Days of 24/7 CVR

30 Days of 24/7 CVR

Monthly NZD 12.99 per Camera

Or Annual NZD 129 per Camera

Monthly NZD 24.99 per Camera

Or Annual NZD 249 per Camera

Get 50% OFF on purchase of additional CVR plans

(If you purchase more than 1 plan per account)